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Search Engine Marketing is a type of Online Marketing which involves the marketing of websites by enhancing their visibility using directory listings. The Search Engine Marketing easily can take on lots of forms. It describes an advertising method which companies make use of to increase their ranking on search engines as per the specified keywords. Once those keywords have been chosen, the sites are submitted to famous search engines to permit a greater opportunity of visibility.

Free Website SEO Analyzer Tools

Do you want to increase the speed of your web page? With our page testing tool, you can instantly test the website speed in real browsers from 25 locations all around the world.

How do spider bots work? Have you ever thought about it? With our Google bot simulator, you can find out the various activities a spider bot does on your website. Our spider simulator will help you to find the places where there are flaws and even fix those issues.

Do you need more than a simple keyword research tool? Well, what about using a market research tool. Just think about it. You have a tool that takes and analyzes the competitor’s keywords, does in-depth PPC and checks SEO insights, takes in data from Google, etc.

You can use Bulk domain Authority Checker to check Google Page Rank, MozRank (via SEOmoz) (through Open Site Explorer) just typing in the URL at once.

A DNS helps in resolving the domain name to an IP address. Just like the street sign, this points to your website, email, as well as proxy servers. So, without it, users won’t be able to find you.

Keyword Finder Tool is a free tool that generates thousands of profitable keywords with monthly search volume that are worth ranking for.

Do you feel broken links are damaging the ranking and usability of your website? Of course, there is no getting around it, especially if error 404 pages that are bad for the business.

Our broken links checker tool online will crawl through your website and try to identify the broken links that need to be corrected.

With our Google Cache Checker tool, you can find out if any of your web pages are serving cached pages. So, what is the cache?

A cache is a mechanism for storing web documents temporarily. Now, these documents will contain HTML and images for reducing perceived lag, bandwidth usage, server load, etc.

It is common for people to get irritated with slow websites. With our page speed checker tool, you can easily analyze the loading speed of your website. Our tool is extensively created to assist your website to function faster by finding out what regarding your website is fast, slow, too big and other things.

One of the popular tools for encoding passwords, credit card numbers and various sensitive data into the MySQL, Postgress and other databases is the MD5 hash generator. In addition, ASP programmers, PHP programmers, and any person developing on SQL, MySQL, and Postgress or other similar tools will find this Md5 generator tool handy.

Use Domain ip lookup to fetch the accurate IP address for multiple domains in just a few clicks. W3Era comes up with this feasible Domain to Ip Lookup tool to simplify the checking of IP addresses of many websites at a single instance. It tracks the assigned numerical address of any computer on the internet easily. Check the IP addresses using this ip lookup for domain tool and look forward to the desired results.

Are you planning on detecting the browser along with its setting containing the HTML5 abilities and CSS3? Don’t worry! You won’t need to go that far. With our what is my browser version tool, you can easily do all these functions.

Get a price check widget. A transparent method to drive direct booking to your website. In the past years or decade, a relatively new product category has hit the market. It is the price check widget or the website price calculator. 

Enter the URL in our Google index page checker tool and get the results for the Google Index status. Also, check the Google Index stats of various websites simultaneously.

Want to know the advantage of the blacklist lookup tool? Well, it is simple. With this tool, you can check out for any IP address or the domain name IP present in the anti-spam databases. This will help you to be aware of the IP is blacklisted or not. Also, whether it is a remarkable IP or harmful IP. 

Our email extractor website tool will help you to create a customer email list. Plus, the email extractor from website free tool will grab email from various sources.

If you are an owner of a website, you are well aware of the fact that the most important thing webmaster worries about are the number of links they have on their website. Also, how many of these links they really need. Having a website link count is necessary as the more quality link you have on a website, the higher it will be rated on the search engine like Google.

An easy to use website code generator which needs nothing but your robust concept in creating the best and user-friendly mobile website.

Gain details of all the hosting companies. Also, know what users think about them and check out their hosting plan. 

Do you know what a web hosting service provider is? Well, similar to the website hosting checker tool, this is a type of online business that provides website owners the services and technologies for making websites or web pages available for viewing on the World Wide Web. 

Get the hang of the most user-friendly website screenshot generator tool ever. Easily capture the website screenshot or just convert the web images into PDF online. 

Also, take the screenshot of mobile websites. Whether it is a tablet, desktop, or phone, select which device you want to capture the online webpage screenshot. Enjoy using our advanced full website screenshot generator tool.

Our webpage size checker tool is one of the most necessary SEO tools for a company. Like the name suggested this tool helps in checking the page size of any specified URL. 

Are you looking for an efficient and free Whois Checker tool?

With our Whois lookup by IP tool, you can gain access to information related to the domain you have entered. It includes the Site Profile, Whois registration data, and even the IP details.

Using our tool, you can view the response or status code that the webserver will be returning. This is when the user is requesting the page. Furthermore, it will allow you to check the status of the website i.e. whether the website is reachable or not. 

Check out our URL encoder online tool. A simple online tool that simply does what you want, i.e. decoding URL encoding and encodes into it fast and easily. The URL encodes the data of yours in a hassle-free way or simply decodes it into the required human-readable form. 

Being one of the reputed technology providers, we have the reputation of providing awesome tools for SEO. Among the various trend-breaking SEO software and tools is our check a website safety tool.  

Have you thought about an online tool to check the screen resolution of any display device? Our screen resolution tool will help you to test the resolution of your monitor or display devices. You can use this tool on tablets, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, as well as other display devices. 

Want to ping your website for availability from various locations all around the world? All you have to do is use our fastest ping tool online services. Just sign up for a free account and get to monitor specific websites for free and continuously. Also, get alerts when they go down. 

With our reverse IP checking tool, you can do the reverse IP lookup. Here if you type the IP address, it will try to check out and look for the DNS PTR record for that particular IP address. 

With our tool, you can track the search engine ranking of various keywords as well as webpages. This allows webmasters to check up to ten websites at a time. Ultimately, you can make the analytic report for the client quickly as well as easily. Thereby, you end up only taking about half the effort that you would have by visiting various dashboards for the same details. 

If you want to know what redirect link checker does, it is simple. It traces your URL or checks out what the StatusCode is. You need to simply enter the required URL and then click the “Check Redirect” button. The result will be immediately shown after the redirect test is completed. 

Do you want to convert your long and dynamic URL into a static one? All you have to use is our URL rewriting in WordPress tool. Enter the URL in the URL field and then click the ‘Rewrite URL’ button.

internet providers, location of the website, and IP address. By checking the IP address, you can easily locate the origin of the unwanted emails or get to the source of the virus, spam and other online attacks. 

With an IP address lookup tool, you can find out as well know the geolocation of any IP address. The result that the IP address tool contains the city, postal or zip code, state or region, country name, time zone, and ISP. Here the data that you get from such is my IP address tool can be used by multiple agencies for finding the exact owner of the IPv6 or IPv4 address. 

Link Analyzer Tool permits you to monitor every single link of your website. Using this tool, you can break down both external and internal links related to your site.

Domain age checker tool is the essential component for an effectual Search Engine Optimization. For how long website have been in the eyes of Google, will improve the reputation of the website in the search engine.


Word count tool is nothing but a free word counting tool. This helps you to count as well as calculate the number of words present in a text. Furthermore, this online tool will also help in calculating the total letter count or character count, paragraphs, and sentences for the text that are entered in the input box. 

With our keyword density checker tool, you can easily find out in terms of percentage the number of times a particular keyword or phrase appears. This is in comparison with the total number of words present in the website. Frankly, this will be used in the search engine optimization (SEO) process for finding out the relevance of the web page for the particular key phrase or keyword. 

Easily generate the required RSS, HTML, and Google XML Sitemaps for free. Our XML sitemap generator google tool is compatible with all the major search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, etc.

Our robust keyword ranking software tool will retrieve the keyword ranking from various search engine. Also, we will store them for easy comparison later on. So, you won’t have to manually check daily using our free keyword ranking tool. 

Using our free online malware checker, you can protect your website from all kinds of malware. Not only it is fast, but also one of the easiest methods to find out whether a particular website is safe or not to visit. 

You just need to input URL of your website and you will see the Alexa rank of your website. W3Era brings up this beneficial Alexa Rank Checker Tool to figure out the current position of a specific website, like how well your website is doing.

With quality backlinks, you can defeat your competitors and even increase your web traffic. Our backlink checker for free tool will help you to easily monitor the backlinks for a particular domain.

Get the required tool for ensuring your content is unique as well as user-friendly. We are your one-stop-shop for proofreading and editing. 

When search engines crawl they check out for the robot.txt file present in the domain root. If it is found, they will read the file list of directories to view the files and directories. Why? To check whether they are blocked from crawling. 

Want to get a professional Paraphrase tool? Well, you won’t end up spending a huge amount of time on paraphrasing anymore. With the assistance of a specialist, you can get quality results without any doubt.

Meta Tag Analyzer- Meta tags hold the relevant information of the web pages. Meta tags include Meta title, Meta description and Meta keyword tags which give crux of the content and the service offered by the web page. In general Meta tags don’t play any role in the display of the web page but holds a significant place in the search engine optimization. Meta tag free tool is an easiest way to fetch Meta tags of any website in few seconds.

Want to use meta tags tools for debugging and generating meta tag codes related to your website? Our meta tag generator for SEO will assist in editing and experimenting with your content. After that, you can preview them and check out how they will be viewed on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 

You have a website and it needs to be ranked high on search pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the only method of achieving this. SEO is firmly based on two things – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Do you know what code to text ratio means? It denotes the percentage of visual text present in a web page. This code to text ratio checking tool will find out the percentage or the content ratio based on the HTML code and text.

Are you wondering what is page authority? In terms of SEO, it is one of the key website ranking and rating factors. It is calculated for a single page or in order words for a single URL related to your website.

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A comprehensive list of the SEO tools of 2019. For digital marketers who want to massively increase traffic and sales as quickly as possible.

SEO tools of 2019
1. Free Website SEO Check Up for FREE

 Free Website SEO Check Up for FREE

1.Run unlimited analysis on our most powerful servers.
2.Stored reports make it easy to view progress and past work.
3.In-Depth Website Analysis
4.Side-by-side SEO comparisons with competitors.

2. Screaming Frog — SEO Spider

Screaming Frog — SEO Spider

The SEO Spider is a desktop website auditor for PC, Mac or Linux which crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps like a search engine to evaluate onsite SEO. It is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyses onsite SEO. Download for free, or purchase a license for additional advanced features.

3. Google Page Speed Insights by Google

Google Page Speed Insights by Google

1. Get your Page Speed score and use Page Speed suggestions to make your web site faster through our online tool.
2. Run the open source Page Speed Modules on your Apache or Nginx server to automatically rewrite and optimize resources on your web site.
3. Leverage Google’s Public DNS to improve security and speed of your browsing experience.
4. Speed up your site by using Google’s infrastructure to serve the most popular, open-source JavaScript libraries.

4. Internet Archive — Wayback Machine

Internet Archive — Wayback Machine

It enables you to capture, manage and search collections of digital content without any technical expertise or hosting facilities. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future.

5. Markup Validation Service

Markup Validation Service

This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc. If you wish to validate specific content such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets, Mobile OK content, or to find broken links, there are other validators and tools available. As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator.

6. Redirect Detective

Redirect Detective

Redirect Detective is free tool that allows you to do a full trace of a URL Redirect.
It will show you the complete path a redirect takes to get to the end point. In some cases, you might be surprised at just how many URL’s a redirect will go through.

7. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

1. Checks your websites and blogs for dead links
2. Can scan an unlimited number of web-pages*
3. Validates both internal and external URLs
4. Shows the location of problematic links in your HTML
5. Reports error codes (404 etc) for all bad URLs
6. Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS

8. Moz Local Listing Store

Moz Local Listing Store

One of the best tools to strengthen your Local SEO. Moz fetches data from multiple sources like Google, Facebook and measure the accuracy, duplicacy, and completeness of the business listings across the search engines. Moz distributes your business listing across the search engines and makes it possible for the new customers to spot your business.

9. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

By far, one of the best tools available for the keyword research. Just enter the keyword in the tool and it will deliver you the best possible keywords results with search volume, commercial bid value etc. Moreover, GKP also provides you the local insights and mobile insights.

Salient features of Google Keyword Planner

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It is vastly used web analytics tool use to generate the website traffic reports. This tool will give you insight into how users find and use your website. You can track the performance of your keywords and ROI of your online marketing campaign.

11. Schema Creator

Schema Creator

Example of Schema in Search engine result page
With the schema creator tool, it is very easy to generate different types of the schema for your product, services, events etc and display them as the way you want. Adding rich snippet and schema mark up can boost your website rank significantly in the SERPS.

12. XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

Now building an XML sitemap has become easier with the free build a sitemap tool. You simply need to enter the site URL and other parameters and this free tool will create the sitemap that you can directly upload to the Google webmaster tool.

13. Copyscape


With the help of Copyscape tool, you can easily check the duplicacy of the content. It will provide you the results of where else the same content prevail in the search engine. Follow the best results and remove the duplicate content accordingly to improve the page ranking.

14. Browseo


This web application will allow you to see the webpage as the Google crawlers or spiders see it. This will give you a fair idea of how much importance you have given to the particular elements in the website structure.

15. Google Trends

Google Trends

You can check the potentiality of the content by entering the particular search terms. In the tool, you will see the percentage of search term growth or decline as compared to the earlier time period. Check the level of interest for the various segments of the users in different parts of the world and devise your content strategy accordingly.

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