Social Media Marketing Services

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is the use of social media platforms & channels to promote/market a product or service.


Social media marketing or SMM refers to the process of gaining traffic or visibility through social media sites

Examples Of Social Media Platforms

You can have a number of goals while implementing social media strategy-

Now you may have a question how this can be done ?

These goals can be achieved by 2 ways–

1. Organically

2. Paid

Rank On The Top In Google Search Results, Get Qualified Leads, And Increase Sales

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing ?

Look at some of the stats related to social media and it will amaze you how much marketing on social media is essential ! This data is collected from hootsuite, we are social, Comscore, Ambassador & disruptive advertising. We guess data is more important before taking any decision or service.

Need Revenue?


Ecommerce Transactions


Qualified Leads


Case Studies

How We Implement Social Media Marketing ?

Our Social Media Content Strategy

Platforms On Which Social Media Services We Provide


Facebook – Presumably Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to target the right audience and expand the business visibility. Moreover, it is the largest social media platform with the most diverse range of audience. We harness the power of Facebook like no one else. With the help of Facebook platform, we easily target those audience base who are interested or willing to purchase your product and services.


If your business presence is not marked on the Instagram, surely you are missing a gripping opportunity to generate huge business revenue. In the current scenario, Instagram is perhaps the most-sought-after social media platform, especially among the teenagers. We can help you cash in the Instagram platform by creating the all-inclusive marketing campaign to grow the followers and pull a huge chunk of engagement.


Twitter – As twitter is always brimming with latest news and updates, this makes it a compelling social media platform for the brands to target the huge chunk of customers. We utilize various startling attributes of the twitter like hashtags and advantage of trending topics to reach the new audiences and make them aware of your brand. We also promote your business by creating a trend that your company can use to interact with the users.


Linkedin is a riveting platform for the professionals and entrepreneurs to generate the buzz for their business and market product & services. As Linkedin is a strictly professional platform, it is much easier to find and connect with the potential prospects and turn them into loyal customers We will advertise your brand on Linkedin to target the niche users and effectively convert them into leads.


12+ years in Business

For over twelve years, we have been delivering excellent SEO services to hundreds of customers, and every year, we get stronger at our profession.

Satisfied Clients

To date, for our customers, we have guided more than 2000 leads, and the number continues to rise. About 70% of our customers are repeated.

High Technical integrity

We are adept at strategic SEO to make you score higher; helping thousands of diverse organizations grow online.

Team with Expertise

We have a squad of in-house marketers who are professionals in their sectors that bring desired results

New-Age Strategies

Our SEO tactics are constantly changing to keep the search scores in line with the current search engine guidelines.

360 Degree Approach

We embrace a 360-degree approach, implement agile methods, and use the new techniques to improve your ranking on search engine result pages.

Social Media Posting Strategy !

Social Media provides you a platform to connect with your audiences and helps in creating backlinks too which in return helps you gain a good ranking. The need for Social Media is not just for communication, but being on social media gives your business/brand credibility.

Social Media platforms are beneficial to any entity that wants to create awareness about its existence, wants a connection with the audience, or a platform for sales.

Social Media Marketing provide business sale but never guarantees it will. That is why digital marketing companies like us and others try to optimize and make good Social Media Marketing strategies that may provide sales.

Yes, we will handle your Social Media Marketing Activities, from content planning to creation to posting; leave all the works for us.

We will send you reports every month. That report will entail how much your page is engaged with people and will have metrics for measuring your influence. This way we’ll get to know if our strategy is matching your goals, and if not what new can we do to make it match them.
Yes, we will have our team send you the posts for approval.
We expect you to revert on post-approval timely, and if any changes in requirements to update us with that too.

The services we provide under Social Media Marketing are:

  • Setting up your profile for optimization/Optimizing your profile
  • Content Creation for your social media handles
  • Consultation on strategies for your pages
  • Audience engagement
  • Facebook and Instagram ad management
  • Monthly checkup to discuss your campaign
  • Monthly reports with insights and results

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