Top FAQs About Mobile Friendly Websites

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If we talk about the old SEO, to listed our business on the YAHOO Directory is more and more important for getting higher ranks on the SERP( Search Engine Result Page). But, if we talk about the today’s SEO trend, Mobile Friendly or Responsive Site is now become tsunami for getting targeted audience from giant Google Search Engine.

As we know, in the today’s smart technical environment. Everyone become smart with their smart phones. Most of the people use their smart phones, tablets or iPhones for the purpose of searching anything from the search engine. In this case, without having mobile friendly website for our business can affect traffic as well as our target because mobile devices would not recognise you as easily on Google. Remember – customers become smarter with their smart phones now, they can easily decide “what to buy, when to buy and from where to buy” easily on their smart phones.

So, the individual who are having business on the internet cannot ignore this latest trend. As the giant search engine Google give preference to those websites who are user friendly in terms of mobile friendly.

Some FAQs About Mobile Friendly Websites and Simple Websites :

 #1: Why Do You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website?

As we know, recently, Google rolls out their mobile friendly algorithm. The sites which are not responsive or mobile friendly will rank lower in the SERP. According to the recent survey, 80% searches are doing on the smart phones in all over the world.So, you can easily think that if your website is not mobile friendly then it will directly effect on your sale because mobile search cannot be able to identify our business easily. Suppose, if your competitor has mobile friendly website, then they will definitely gets higher rank on the mobile searches.

#2 :Are you thinking Mobile Friendly website do not need SEO?

If you are thinking that mobile friendly websites do not needs SEO then you are absolutely wrong!!! Mobile friendly website only means that your website looks nice on mobile means it does not need scroll while browsing on the mobile device. The user can easily browse your website on any smart phone or tablet in a nice way without having any scrolling trouble.
Your site looks good on the mobile does not means that your site is fully optimised. Search Engine Optimisation depends on more than 200 factors like your site code, CSS, your domain, canonicalization, content, etc.

#3 : How you can identify that your website is Mobile Friendly or Not?



The best thing is to use Google’s Webmaster Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.This is the best toll to identify your website is mobile friendly or not. Apart from this, webmaster tool not only tells you about your website designing but also helps you to provide some genuine suggestion or advice on where your website needs improvement.Keep in your mind that mobile friendly test tool only provides you an information about a single page of your website, the best thing is that add you website in a Google webmasters tool which will provide you all the site issues in a well manner.



 #4: How Local SEO is Different from Mobile SEO ?

As local SEO is related to your town or city while, mobile search is depends on your search location. Google displays different search results on the desktop search and mobile search.



#5 : Is my website and content is same for both i.e. for Mobile and Desktop ?

Yes, the site is same for both. You should focus on style and the content part. Now, you must think beyond thecontent part as well as the designing part for providing the best user experience. Each page o your website is according to your targeted audience/visitors.

#6 : What Is The Best Mobile Configuration For any Business ?

Frankly speaking, it depends on your business, your audience, your visitors, your product and services, content of your website, technology used in development. All these things plays an important role.

Basically, Google Crawlers recognize three different mobile site configurations.Click here for more information.

Separate mobile sites:This is one of the most common techniques used earlier. Visitor which are using mobile for browsing the site is being redirected on the mobile version like “”

Responsive Web Design:In this approach, URL of your website do not change it remains same. Basically, it works on designing. With this technique, user can easily browse your website on any screen size without any issue.

Dynamic serving: in this type of approach, the web servers identify the user’s browser and serve the appropriate code which can be easily understandable by the particular device.

#7 : Not getting more traffic from Mobile devices. Is Mobile search Not Important?
If you are not having good conversion from mobile devices then, there are so many reasons such as :-

  1. Content issue: the content of your site is not fit well on the mobile screen. It may force the people to zoom or to scroll.
  2. Too much information:it might be possible that page of your site contains too much information. It causes bounce the visitor before it get convert into conversions.
  3. Not relevant information: it might possible that your page not having relevant information aboutyour services or about your products.
  4. Not supported elements: the page of your website may contains some unsupportive element like flash etc.
  5. Analytics Configuration Issue: there is a problem in the configuration of Google Analytics reporting & tracking.For this issue you can take help from the professional SEO experts who have a complete knowledge about this tool.


Above are some questions or we can say some doubts that some people have in their mind?At last I wish to share my views on the future of mobile friendly websites.

In my opinion, every business must accept the mobile friendly website without this; they will vanish from Google search result page on mobile. Business owners should take immediate actions on their website.

The companies which are offering website development services or designing services must know how to use latest technology or how they can provide light weighted mobile friendly website to their clients.

Now, it’s time to provide fully functional website or user friendly website to your users/visitors. It’s time to make your website more search engine friendly with the help of latest light weighted technology.

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