The Most Crucial Factors that will Influence on your Organic Traffic

  • July 19, 2016
  • SEO
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Digital marketing companies specifically who deal with the SEO know very well about the fluctuation of organic traffic, for this an SEO practitioner has to reach to the root cause of why fluctuation is arising.

Organic traffic is major challenges for the digital marketing agencies and an individual who run their own business and website. Organic searches are unlike paid advertising, it is more challenging for them to investigate regarding downfall in traffic and conversion. There are having some observable places where you can saw the insight for the searches, but there are having other factors that can be hardly measured. There are having the list of issues from primary to advance which is becoming out of control, here is a list of that major factors for those who are diagnosing the fluctuation of organic traffic in the search engine result page. The analyst has to examine both internal and external factors to reach the root of the problem.

Some of the basic issues which are considered as minor problem for fluctuation, these issues are:-

Pages aren’t indexed: – Perform the quick search by using the syntax “” name to make sure that your pages are indexed or not properly. After putting this syntax you can see the list of pages display in the SERP, there if you find any critical pages which are indexed then instantly check your robots.txt file and make sure that you have blocked that important pages or not in directories. If everything is fine then check the individual pages by using the tag “”.
Traffic Factors
Bots and Spiders in Google Analytics: – Bots and spiders are automated software, these bots seekers content over the internet and within individual web pages. These are also called crawlers and robots; bots are entering through the home page and flow throughout your site navigation. It is needed to exclude all bots and spiders in the Google Analytics, for safe yourself from inflated traffic. It is best to create a custom dimension for filtering out bots, for this, you can apply for generic bot filter.

Latest Update of Site: – Recent site updates also cause the downfall in traffic, if have recently modified your website by removing some pages, adding pages and resetting the navigation after this alteration it is expected to see some decline in the traffic. After reconstructing your website, Google must re-crawl and re-index these pages, then obvious that your website has to suffer from downfall for few weeks. It is the suggestion that if you have changed your URL structure and removed the pages from your website then important to have 301 redirect strategies in the place to defend link impartiality & stay away from traffic/ranking drop.

Confusion in URL Structure: – URL structure is also caused for ranking drop, if you are website is not having a clearly defined keyword map in the page will take to trouble, if two or more pages are optimized for the same keyword then traffic will fluctuate, it will cause pages race with each other in the SERP. Even if you have used the same keywords in the title of two pages it will show reduce the traffic the ranking of the page. Also, take care of URL structure if keywords found in two URL then you will see the sudden fall down in traffic.

It is suggested to use a keyword tracking tool, you can watch the breakdown happening and which URL Google is choosing to rank for the specific keyword. With less time you can get a better solution to come out from the issues like traffic and ranking decline.

The above are some minor factors which influence the drop in traffic, soon we will come with major or advanced issues influence for ranking drop.

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