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World is going dynamic and so are we. The time has gone when we used to wait for watching the movie for evaluation whether it’s the worth a watch or not. As today meticulously created services in marketing like promotion techniques, Generating accurate and catchy titles is highly affecting the figures engendered  by films in the box office plus creating a prominent influence in the mind of the people too. If things like marketing, branding, literal title formation are not taken in theprecise manner by the marketing team or the designated persons than it may shape out as a brutal disaster of the absolutefanatical efforts of the whole team.

One of the instances of an immense branding disaster is the elongated awaited movie starring by Tom Cruise and Emily blunt in “Edge of tomorrow.” The intensity of wrong branding about the diversified gumbo has tremendously affected the entire lovers of action and tom cruise and blunts intensively idyllic acting. Once I was out with my partner to spend my weekend while watching the movie, it was supposed to fun, and then in amid of multifarious not interesting movies trailers, a movie trailer got me spell bound with it. Throughout the whole trailer there was an only one line which was unforgettable. It was “LIVE. DIE. REPEAT” and it got me, it flashed over and over again on the screen and somehow or at unconscious level the trailer of this movie made me enthused enough to call some of my action lover’s friends and book the tickets of this movie on the very first day.  The trailer made me extremely inquisitive as two of the finest actors are in it. It embarked a meticulous thought process in my mind of what it exactly will be, a surreal spy thriller of James bond or a science- fiction thriller of tom cruise?

But then at the end of trailer I gleaned out something which has utterlybusted my interest in that movie some words appear which are utterly unrelated to my latest surreal piece of admiration.  The title of the movie was not what I was expecting; it was entirely diverse from my favorite LIVE.DIE.REPEAT and it was EDGE OF TOMMOROW.  Undeniably this single error has blown the mind of all the audience with a single error of inappropriate branding. It makes the whole movie in a dissimilar tone, which could be massively admired by zillions number of people if they have placed LIVE.DIE. REPEAT as a title and EDGE OF TOMMOROW as an idyllic tagline.

Transformation of disaster into a triumph

The dyed in the wool team of perfectionists realizes the impact of their small blunder from the first vision its previews has created among fans. People must utilized their gimmicks to seek on Google with the title like-

  • Information for Live Die repeat movie
  • How to download the Live die repeat trailer
  • All music of live die repeat movie

And zillions of the more possible combinations but do you know how many hunt people made after watching the first trailer and preview of live die repeat. It was more than 72,200,000 searches on the Google.  Now, this fact is unquestionably approved that movie has more number of searches with the current title (Edge of tomorrow) but still it lost the chances of having 80,00,000 more searches.



The Whole branding team has realized their error and then they rolled out the DVD, Blue ray as well as Digital format in such a surreal manner that makes you doubtful about the actual title of the movie.   Seriously the intact encomium of the enduranceof this movie ultimately goes towards the studio team which has not only comprehended the amiss happened in the title earlier but also rectified it in a unique manner which has saved the movie from being a disaster in the DVD world too.



Lesson for the life-time

People may claim this movie as a branding nightmare but in my verdict it is one of the paramount instances of coping up with what you already have. Instead of being a total disaster due to the wrong title, studio sustains the personal acumen by accessing the mistake and rectifying the title in a surreal manner.

It happens sometimes that we don’t get the accurate or precise keyword research but we don’t have to move forward with the errors of the past unless we ought to access focus and rectify ourselves for better in each and every situation.

Revisit, Research and Redeploy as needed.


Have a good SEO TIME

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