Fuel your SEO with 2017 Refreshing Keyword Strategy

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Pull a powerful catapult of right keyword and get ready to hit the 2017 SEO market!


95% of online experiences begin with a search…!

Don’t gape!

It is a damn truth! The “keyword strategy” is the most prevalent talk of the SEO world. Whether it is the content or social signals, the keyword is the scream of every phase. Believe it or not, but only keywords are the best communicating medium among the digital marketers. Nevertheless, the most significant thing is- how keywords will be going to use to enhance the maximum attention and to improve the user’s behavior naturally.

Keywords are like a compass that will guide you where to go, and notify whether you are progressing in the right direction or not.

It’s a right catch!

Initiating from searching the right set of keywords to driving traffic to converting it into sales/revenue… these all are the imperative parts of SEO. And, if a reliable SEO company in USA applies them properly, then be prepared to view your site reaching the height of the Google results.


Change is constant!

And, no one has the competency to change this law of nature.

So, now, it is the 21st century. It’s time to refresh your keyword strategy and try to hit the ball in the right court. Before you proceed, you need to identify your keywords and link them up with the right scheme and maneuver.

Listed are some of the contemporary keyword strategies that will surely rocket your site to the top of Google.

5 Robust Keyword Strategies in 2017

1. Find the Targeted Marketing Areas

Due to certain transformations in SEO sphere, a digital marketer needs to search the pre-defined marketing area. What and how the keywords are to be targeted in a specific zone? The areas are like- SEO, PPC, content, social media, etc. and these are the biggest platforms for the keywords. Just evaluate, which zone you are targeting and then go ahead.

2. Use of Keywords to Craft Content Friendly for Users and Search Engine

Your foremost step is to recognize the user’s and the search engine’s intent in accordance with the keywords. As the right selection of keywords will lead to a successful content, your first purpose is to craft the accurate keywords. But, one of the biggest challenges that digital marketers face is to create a content that will be in favor of search engine and users both. If you remain natural and genuine, then no resistance can cease you from building a good position among the users.

3. Figure Out the Quality of Keywords

To test the quality of the keyword, you must check certain parameters with reference to keywords selection and building. The factors are like:

  • Relevancy of Keywords
  • Inspect its search volume and competition
  • Even up SEO strategy and your customer’s journey
  • Understand the Flavor of your Audience

These factors will help you determine the real and the authentic quality of the keywords. If your keywords surpass all these criteria, then you will surely gain the position in top 10 results of Google’s first page.

4. Evaluate and Measure the Major Changes in Keywords in 2017

The era has revolutionized from the industrial to purely digital world. And, this principal applies to all the things. Therefore, march forward only after analyzing the modifications in keyword sphere in 2017. Some of the major pointers, need to focus on, are:

  • Put Emphasize on Semantic Search
  • Mobile and Local Results are the Keys
  • Centralize on Answering Different Queries
  • Accept the Wave of Hybrid Marketing

Don’t keep these parameters aside, when you are building your keyword strategy.

5. Impact of 2017 Trends on Keyword Research

After taking distinct 2017 trends into account, study their impacts on the current marketing maneuvers. Whether it is voice search or mobile or AMPs or any other stuff, compare each signal with the on-going market values. In fact, the search engines are constantly scrutinizing the searches to deliver more precise and accurate searches. Even, the highest priority is of the local search. So, survey the influence and then proceed.

In a Nutshell

To be very short, update your keywords’ strategy, and let your keywords will become the robust pillar of your SEO campaign.

About The Author: Emily Smith is a Seo specialist with 9+ years experience in Seo. In Seo she enjoys Content writing and strategy planning the most. currently she is writing on how to choose Expert SEO Company USA and Keyword Strategies.

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