Trends That Will Keep Buzzing Through SEO World In 2018

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The SEO World has come along a long way since search engines became the railroads between human minds and information. As another year is about to reach its climax, it is time we take a close look at the trends that will keep defining the new norms in SEO domain next year. We collected a few points from some of the best SEO companies in USA to get a better picture of what all needs to be anticipated. Here are the highlights:

  • Digital Assistance: Almost every digital marketing strategy in and out of USA inculcates this attribute now. And those that are devoid of it will do it soon. Digital Assistance has revolutionized the way searches phrases are floated on internet. Every search focuses more on user intent than the words that have been entered. Another relevant point that comes into scene here is voice search. The trend of digital assistance will boom to new heights with voice search feature. This rising inclination towards voice search will lead to added centralization on longer phrases as keywords. It will also change the dynamics of on page optimization when means we will all need to take up our game a notch higher.
  • Quick Answers And Snippets: Another interesting trend that is already picking up on several platforms. A new face of organic SEO, it has increased the tussle between players. Featuring in a snippet related to a search phrase is a combined result of multiple factors. It also proves that the traditional rules of SEO race no more apply to present day game. For now, you should know that approx. 30 percent of search results have Snippets and this number will keep moving up in coming months. So, from now on firms will need to strategize their content in a way that it meets the basic norms of Google’s benchmarks for Featured Snippets. While graphs, tables and lists will have their own place in this feature, one can also create information in new formats ( like Q&A or GIFs) to get attention from search engines. Another relevant point that comes to light here is that they will have to optimize their Featured Snippets with respect to voice searches. If you can learn the trick to combine these two trending factors together, you will definitely discover the key to remain on top in SERPs.

About The Author: Emily Smith is a SEO specialist with 9+ years experience in SEO In SEO she enjoys Content writing and strategy planning the most. currently she is writing on how to choose Monthly Seo Packages and link building tips.

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