SEO in 2017: Scoop out the Average SEO Pricing Quotient

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“Interpreting the SEO pricing is a tried-and-true method.”– A buzzing statement.

However, is this a genuine truth? Is SEO a layman’s piece of cake? Is every person competent enough to determine the cost of SEO?

Well, the answer is- “No!”

SEO is not a cup of tea of every person.  In fact, it is a concatenation of certain powerful and effective maneuvers to boost up the position of a business. It is akin to a journey, crawling through various peaks and valleys, to reach a final destination.

But, what is its cost? Are the expenses touching the sky? Does the cost vary?

Indeed, the cost differs with every SEO package. Yes, there are distinct SEO Packages. And, you will have to choose the one that will tailor to your business’s requisites.

It is 2017… Now, SEO has become a pivotal element, not just an option to think! And, with the year passing by, the price-tag of SEO also fluctuates.

For the new kids on this block, an array of alternatives is there- more number of choices, more number of price quotations, more number of SEO companies, more number of SEO Service Packages, more number of suggestions… ! And, you have to pick a one that will be in tune with your stipulations.

Still in doubt?

Read on to get the approximate estimate of SEO cost- for the entrepreneurs, small business owners, experienced digital marketers, and the recognized organizations, etc.

Foremostly, the SEO price can be calculated on an hourly basis, or calculated in a month or an annual basis, or based on a specific project.

According to “less than $25 an hour SEO or over $20,000 a month!”

Let’s dive deeper to figure out the core principals of SEO pricing…

3 Compelling Parameters to Gauge SEO Pricing Factor

Before, proceeding to size up the cost of SEO, here are three imperative factors that will help you out to catch on the accurate SEO pricing.

  1. Status: What is your current position?
  2. Objective: What is your ultimate goal?
  3. Timeline: What should be your schedule?

Palpate these three signals, weigh them with respect to your business, and then analyze the cost of SEO.

Initiating with calculating the cost of SEO hourly….and taking away to the project-based cost… the pricing factor alters.

Hourly Cost Estimation

Hourly SEO investment is a lucrative option for the latest SEOers. At this occasion, you know what you are going to pay for. But, still, take all the perspectives into account before spending your money. Relying on how many hours, you need for the SEO, first calculate and then pay for what you demand. On an average basis, the cost ranges from approx $75 and $150. But, you must be very aware, as less time induces to the use of unethical black-hat SEO techniques. You will be remained in the dark shadow and get penalized by Google. Therefore, pretty sure about the SEO techniques.

What about the Monthly Cost of SEO?

In terms of the Monthly SEO Packages, there are many chances that the relationship between you and your client will be unsurpassed. And, it will go smoothly, if all the quotes will be transparent. And, this will certainly quantify the ROI and produce better outcomes.

Yet, not satisfied?

Need not to bother! The monthly SEO campaigns always incorporate a methodical strategy that will turn out in the best possible outcomes.

Peep into the Project-Based SEO Services

It is the most customary SEO pricing model in the SEO sphere. Maximum digital marketers fall for this option without a single thought. As a single project is a ladder to the better ROI or sales, most of the persons opt for this alternative. In this quotation, you better know what you are paying for. So, no hidden irrelevant quotes! No fraud! No fallacy!


At the end of the day, ROI is what is to be counted. So, hold the highly valuable channel, select the right SEO pricing package, and get ready to hit the digital marketing sphere with a great bash!

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