What is Penguin?

Google Penguin is a title for a Google algorithm update that was first released on April 24, 2012. After that update many more updates have come till date. The aim of Penguin Update was to decrease the rankings of the websites in Google search results those were doing black hat SEO and were having poor quality back links.
Through penguin update, Google penalize the websites who cheats with visitors and search engines as well and purchase links from “Paid link farms” and “Bulk Link Exchangers”. These paid link farms and bulk link exchanges are the web owners who design their websites to provide back links in bulk at a specified cost in order to achieve top ranking in search engines.

Penguin is safe or unsafe?

It is a very common situation; a website is having a larger amount of backlinks and due to this only having better search engine rankings for its keywords. Creating back links for your website is not harmful but if you create back links through an illegal way then things are bitter for you.

Penguin is unsafe for your website if you have created backlinks using ‘Paid link schemes’ and having poor quality links. On the other hand if you are having respectable amount of quality links then Penguin is safe and you need not to worry.

How to check for Penguin Penalty?
  • Check organic ranking for target keywords
  • Check in Google analytics traffic/organic search traffic or leads
  • Check your website on Google “site: http://www.yoursite.com”
  • Check your Google Webmaster Tools
Penguin Recovery Services at W3Era?

W3Era offers effective Penguin recovery services at affordable rates rates if you find :
  • Drop in ranking for your target keywords
  • Decrease in organic search traffic
  • Unable to find your website in Google
  • Any unnatural warning message at Google webmaster tool

whatever the situation is, we are here to help your website for Penguin Recovery. If you want your search rankings back then our Penguin Recovery Services are designed specially for you. In our recovery services we find, check and remove the bad and poor links and whole process can be termed as ” Link Detox Process”.We can categorize our process in below 4 steps:

1. complete website Analysis and Link Assessment Process we check whole website, both internal and external links for quality. These links can be Paid links, Advertisements or sponsored posts, Site-wide links including blog-roll and footer links, directory submissions links, Links from de-indexed sites, Links from irrelevant blogs or sites.

2. Back Links Recovery Process we contact all the webmasters one by one from where we got external links and send message about the problems and request them to remove the links.

3. Disavow Tool and Links Removal We know the better use of disavow tool so we only use it when we unable to remove any bad link.

4. Resubmission Request we keep an eye on search results and if we find that Google is notifying the changes then we request for resubmission the website.

5. Respond and Reports we send reports to our clients and if we find issues then we follow the step 1 again.


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