Google Panda Recovery Services

What is Panda?

Google Panda is a title for an algorithm update that was first released on February 24th, 2011. After that many more has come till date. Panda was different update from the previous once because Google panda update affects keyword ranking of the whole website or a specific section instead of an individual page.The aim of panda update was

  • To decrease the rankings of the “low-quality websites” or “thin websites”, which were doing black hat SEO and
  • To provide high rankings to higher-quality websites.
Through panda update, Google penalize the website with below faults
  • low quality website having “Thin content”
  • A website which works as content farm, having useless indexed pages
  • A website, which is not following SEO guidelines
  • A website, which is over SEO optimized (Black hat SEO)
  • A website, which is having too many advertisements
  • A website with poor grammar and spelling mistakes>
  • Low website loading speed
  • A website, which is having duplicate content
Panda is safe or unsafe?

It always happens that everybody wants to create a big website with lots of content. Creating a big website and having a lot of content is not harmful but if you have thin content on the pages or have duplicate content through a dishonest way then you cannot get stability at top rankings. One day you will get penalize.

Sometimes when we click on a website, we get only pop-ups, advertisements or blank pages or duplicate content. If you are giving “bad user experience” then panda is unsafe for you but on the other hand panda is safe for you with “true and positive user experience”.

How to check for Panda Penalty?
  • Check organic ranking for target keywords
  • Check in Google analytics traffic/organic search traffic or leads
  • Check your website on Google “site:”
  • Check your Google Webmaster Tools
Panda Recovery Services at W3Era?

W3Era offers effective Panda recovery services at affordable rates In our recovery services we find, check and remove the wrong content and convert bad user experience in positive user experience. We can categorize our process in below 4 steps:

1. SEO Audit and Deep Analysis in this step we analyze whole website for all SEO factors specially on page including text content, images Content, Navigation, Loading speed, Advertisements, Good links from great websites. We try to audit the site on every possible cause with deep efforts.

2. Action plan with Recommendations all the issues we find in the first step, we make an action for that every issue. We try to recover you from panda penalty. Few below are main areas where we make changes.

  • Write fresh content
  • Improve website speed
  • Apply a proper navigation
  • Remove extra advertisements
  • Use easy a proper grammar
  • Make efforts to get quality backlinks
  • Write unique titles and meta data for every page
  • Replace old design to new clean design
  • Maintain proper ads-content ratio

3. Resubmission Request We keep an eye on search results and if we find that Google is notifying the changes then we request for re-submission the website.

4. Respond and Reports We send reports to our clients and if we find more related issues then we follow the step 1 again.



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