Paid or Organic – Which Mode Is Better For The Search?

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A few days ago, the most misguided threat was detected on Twitter. In which, “SEO has declared organic searches have beat traffic over paid searches”. This is pretty confusing on which ground this conclusion is drawn. If we talk about reality, some internet users click on ads while other clicks on the organic results. Maybe marketers are trying to confine both.

Let’s discuss this matter in detail without these viral tweets

The Growth Of Paid Search Hinder The Organic One

No secret behind the vast exposure of paid searches, all Best SEO company USA managers know that Google has introduced latest updates in an algorithm that has directly affected the genuine traffic. Like fourth text ads above the organic links and the double sizing of the product, Ads are prominent among these.

As a result, organic traffic has decreased year by year. Google’s Q1 2017 earnings report presents strong evidence in this direction. It shows that 53% total growth has been detected in the paid click. This is not finished yet; every SEO Services company in USA is supporting paid searches, what one can do. Google is making steady changes that deeply affected the organic result. If Google brings some change in its algorithm that would reduce paid searches to some extent then every organization, would love to choose the organic way.

Although there is a metric, in which paid promotion is working well. This may vary from brand to brand. But, overall results are positive. What about those metrics that can work well with organic and perform terribly bad with paid one? Anyone who has understood this concept wants to specify nuance in this relationship based on the performance of the metric. Unfortunately, Twitter is not a right platform for this.

Techniques of deriving meaningful comparison between SEO and paid search

1. Segment traffic and devices that draw it

It is worth to notice that the amount of traffic coming from the organic searches is higher in comparison to the paid searches. Shocking!! Determine this segment of traffic and switch performance by non-brand vs. brand. This would be rather difficult by obfuscating organic query in the analytical package but it can become easy by using Google Search Console.

Similarly paid and organic search derives different share of traffic for a brand from different devices. These devices perform completely different in all metrics. Thus, help in the deduction of performance comparisons. This is an analysis that declares overall winner along with no details how this data is segmented in sectors.

2. Gain benefit from both forms of searches

Apart from comparing this traffic driving method with each other, it is important to understand, how these methods can bring total benefit to the website. Every business website wants to rank in the search results organically. But, this is not possible to get rank for every entered query. Likewise, there are certain limitations with paid promotion. Paid promotion affects the budget, and if the query is not generating revenue in accordance to the investment then it is worthless.

Therefore, combining both techniques together, and generate ample amount of profit to the business.


It is important to understand nuances of every technique before actually applying it to the business. Here, we are working on a channel that tries to grab every possible opportunity whether it is from organic one or from paid one.  Therefore, it is important to analyze critically and understand the effective comparison between paid and organic searches.

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