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Our Search Engine Optimization Analysis service gives you a best-practices game plan showing how to achieve top search engine placement with proven techniques.

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SEO Keyword Analysis Services



SEO Keyword Analysis Services



SEO Keyword Analysis Services

SEO Keyword Analysis Services

Keyword research or keyword analysis  is a SEO practice to find and research actual and target search words, phrases for a website which can people enter into the search engines to find their product and services. Just as to make a house durable its footing should be strong similarly, Keyword Analysis is a foundation part of the internet marketing campaign or SEO which requires extra attention because it defines the road map for the search engine optimization for that website.

What W3Era does in keyword analysis?

At W3Era, SEO professionals do  reflective research in order to achieve top ranks on their desired keywords because we understand their importance. If a website target a wrong set of keywords then the business may attract wrong and unwanted traffic which would not let it to be converted into sales. This unused traffic can be the traffic which is not looking for your valuable services. There are various tools to do keywords research like Google Planner, Word tracker, SEOMOZ etc. first we evaluate keywords from various sources and then filter keywords and set priority according to budget and time. These finalized keywords are known as target keywords which can be used for further activities.

Importance of proper keywords analysis:
  • You may increase the ROI (return on investment) for your business
  • You may optimize your money spend and save the money which is being spent on wrong keywords
  • By doing keyword research you may keep your eye on latest trends and use them on at various places for your business
  • By identifying target keywords you may prioritize your time by managing them according to the requirement of consideration
  • User segments search terms
4 Step for Keyword Research Success

We listen carefully to our clients and understand their business needs. According to their requirements we follow following 4 steps:

  • Discovering Keywords (Reflective Research)
  • Analyzing Keywords (Keywords Evaluation)
  • Selecting Keywords (Keywords Filtration)
  • Deploying Keywords (Final or Target Keywords)
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