Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. YouTube: Which Track Should you take for Business Marketing?

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube- Which one tops the checklist in terms of marketing?

The hash tags of Instagram… the live posts of Facebook… the tweets of Twitterthe dynamic videos of YouTube– Which surpasses the other ones in the marketing sphere?

Well, it is pretty tough to pick the one among these social media hits. They are equivalently doing their best chores in their own niches. None of them is disappointing the customers, not only in the marketing terms, but also in all the cases. If you ask a marketer, then it is analogous to asking to choose between Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, and Dew. He/she doesn’t have a well-defined answer.

The chief aim is not to identify which is the best social media hit! Even, the objective should be which social media website is tailored to your specific business goals. And, this is something that an expert or Trusted SEO company USA can understand and give the unrivaled solution.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube- all have the large users’ base and have endured the test of time. What a business owner should do is to see beyond the vision and identify the perfect platform, specific for his/her business. Take a step forward and seek the best help from the best SEO services company in USA.

Still in Dilemma?

Let’s figure out some important points of these social media platforms with respect to some marketing terminologies.

Just Remember: All the mathematical figures (values) are approximate and defined on the basis of a recent survey.


  • According to the data of April 2017, the number of active users is around 700 million. And, this range is yet to be increased higher.
  • 60% internet users are the members of the Instagram.
  • 70% of the Instagram users access their accounts via a mobile app on their smartphones.
  • 50% of the businesses use the Instagram to exhibit their services around the globe. The stuff, like- live videos, hashtags, tagging, sharing on Facebook through Instagram- hold great recognition.
  • If we consider it in terms of the engagement factor, then Instagram holds #1 position.


  • It’s July, and June 2017 Facebook statistics is approximate 2 billion. Such a big figure to be imagined!
  • 90% internet users say “Hi” to Facebook.
  • 80% of the Facebook users surf Facebook through the Facebook mobile app on their smartphones and tablets.
  • 70% of the businesses make Facebook as their advertising platform for making the outside world aware of their businesses. Posting the services, links to other social media websites, videos, pictures and a lot more to share- these will give a high sign to your business.
  • Not as much as Instagram, but Facebook holds #2 position on this current landscape in terms of engagement.


  • Going back to April 2017, the Twitter users were calculated and the statistics were approximate 328 million. Yes, it won’t be able to surpass Instagram and Facebook.
  • 50% of the internet users would love to go through Twitter.
  • 80% of users remain active on their smartphones to tweet.
  • 60% of the businesses utilize the Twitter to promote their businesses in the present digital sphere. Tweets are dispersing in every edge of the world. Funny tweets, slamming ones, informative ones or debates- all these wave hands to the customers through tweets. It can prove very lucrative for your business.
  • In terms of engagement, it is equivalent to Facebook. The customers enjoy reading multifarious tweets and posting the new ones.


  • June 2017 statistics has stated the figure and it is near to 1.5 billion. Wow! Closer to Facebook!
  • 80% of the internet users wish to browse and view videos on YouTube.
  • Around 85% users prefer YouTube to cherish the sound of the video on YouTube.
  • 70% of the businesses hold the hand of YouTube to promote their services throughout the world. A short and narrative video is adequate enough to unfold the important chapters of the business. And, the videos of YouTube are best at representing the business. It won’t let your business fall, if you opt for this.
  • Coming to the engagement quotient, YouTube is trailing all the three social media platforms.

Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, most of the brands end up choosing the one that will best endorse their services. Some focus on engagement on Instagram, while others love tweets, or some move towards better results on Facebook, and the others like watching the videos.

Palpate your requirements with respect to all four social media websites, measure your outcomes, and detect the healthy difference in your success factor!

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