How To Improve Security And Speed Of A WordPress Site – Beginner’s Guide!

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WordPress is a highly popular platform for blogging and website contentmanagement system. Therefore it would be viable to say that almost 27.5% of total websites present on the internet are powered by WordPress. Although the biggest advantage of this open source program is its customization and for this, a developer doesn’t even need to follow basic web development rules or guides, he can effectually use plugins or themes to make the website appeal to customers.

But, after shaping the website with all available luxuries, it becomes slow and takes time in loading. Even though, it is not a big problem for those who know how to use WordPress platform and its available feature smartly.

WordPress is a commendable CMS platform but it doesn’t mean that all is good in it. Only smart people know how to dig gold out of it.

Does loading speed of website matter?

Every website which is launched on the internet wants to ensure its place in the search engine so that more users can get connect with it. Although it a well-known fact that the Google algorithm consider page loading time and several other parameters in order to calculate page rank of the website. Therefore, a responsive website can’t afford such delay.

We havesomesolutions which can improve the security as well as the speed of the WordPress website…

So have a look….

Hosting selection plays a vital role: – There are millions of tricks on the internet which claims to improve the speed of the website but we can’t denyfrom the fact that there are some limitation for their use. Tweaking software may help in improving the performance of the site but no other option can beat the hardware. Shared hosting is the reason behind the low traffic on the websites; therefore if you want to grow your traffic then you need to scale your existing hardware. Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server and Managed host are the viable options which are generally used by medium or high traffic sites. But if you want to create an invincible fast blazing website then WPEngine is the best alternative for you. With this hosting service, you can easily focus on the content production and can leave all worries of site performance aside.

Effectual use of Caching Plugin: –Caching leaves an enormous impact on the speed of the WordPress website. When a common user visits a web page of your site, then WordPress runthousands of linescode and then after connects to the database and generate the requested page. For this a website require lots of time as well as resources, this is the place where caching can came for your rescue.

Caching is a simple process which generates a static copy of the frequently requested web page and serves the same when a client demands it. This process somehow cuts the processing time into half. Although there is a bad news for WordPress users that this platform doesn’t offer built-in caching facility but you don’t have to worry as you can use numerous free caching plugins for this purpose. WP Rocket is the best yet premium caching plugin which effectively works to optimize the speed of the site.

Select the right Framework: – Framework is like a blueprint on which a whole construction takes place. How your site appears ultimately depends on its framework. Therefore it is essential to select a reliable one to ensure itsgood performance. Themes help in designing and modifying the appearance of the site moreover highly contribute in the loading time. Thus, it is not at all preferable to use the flashy multimedia theme in your wordpress site.

Content Delivery Network: – CDN assist in the fastest delivery of static files of the website to visitors. Use of this system makes a website much faster than you have ever expected. CDN ensures that avisitor access cache in place of the server. As we all know fetching data from the server is very complicated task therefore almost all high traffic websites use CDN for connecting static content.

Database Optimization of the website: –Many times, redundant data or post enhances loading time of the website; therefore, WordPress database optimization plugin is essential for the use. Use WP-Sweep as it is a powerful plugin and capable to perform numerous process. If you want to get rid of spam, deleted and unapproved comments, orphaned and duplicate data and unnecessary revised post then this plugin can be your biggest help

Image Compression: – Bulky images enhance loading time of the website in comparison to the content, therefore it is essential to compress the image without losing their quality. A lossless compression is always appreciated therefore make sure you use relative plugin for it…

Plugin Diagnosis: – What is a Plug-in? In reality, this isjust a piece of code which is used to perform a function. However, it is also important to manage it so that your website can free up space from the counterproductive and cumbersome plug-ins.

Featherweight Social Media plugins: – Social media is essential to extend the reach of your business to locals. But sharing too many social media plugins on the website, unnecessarily reduce the performance as well as the security of the website. A slow down website doesn’t appeal to customers even though it is offering better services to its customers.

Final thoughts:- If your WordPress website is slow then it means that you are losing thousands of free customers and visitors daily. Therefore don’t lack behind in implementing listed techniques. Most of them are plug-ins; therefore, you don’t even to a single line code and time to implement it. Click on the plug-in and install, then you are good to go…

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