HTML Validation Service

HTML validation is a process that analyzes html documents and web pagesto Identify errors and non-standard codes. While validating an HTML document, the used software and online service in the process is called as ‘HTML validator’. A HTML Validator checks whole page for HTML standards and helps to spot errors quickly exactly where the errors stretch out within it.

What W3Era does in HTML validation Services?

At W3Era, we understand importance of validating a webpage that’s why we offer truthful HTML validation services. There are various HTML validators, free and paid both. We choose validator according to the client’s requirements and instructions which ensures that the code will run error free on the browser. Our professionals check each page for the HTML errors and make efforts to remove them.

SEO Benefits of HTML Validation

Some of the benefits of HTML Validation processes are discussed below which will affect your website in a good way and improve visibility and popularity of website.

Search Engine Friendly Website

HTML errors free website allows Search engine robots to examine the web pages systematically and faster. If there is a syntax error in webpage where we are using our important and target keywords then the crawler might not be able to involve those keywords while reading the codes.

Quick Loading Time of Website

Usually Users don’t have much time and patience to wait for loading page. They want a better customer experience from a website in terms of loading and execution on their browser. The page load time should be less than 10 sec if it takes more than 10 min there is a possibility that users will get irritated from your website and will close it. Wrong HTML codes are responsible if your website takes more time to load. So we should use correct HTML codes to decrease loading time and hold the visitor to the website.

Fewer Loads on Server

Error free or cleanHTML code save the space on the server in comparison to a website which is having complicated, nested, HTML error code content. Through HTML validation, we make the code simple and neat which can help to cut down the web space on server. Proper CSS code also helpsfor it.

Accessibility of Websites

When we perform an HTML validation process for a website through any HTML validator we find many more pinpoints or code blockage areas with the errors. This way HTML validation ensures that whole code is fully correct and functional on the website.

Search Engine Optimization:

If your website has any error regarding HTML, this may make it difficult to spider to crawl your website and if spider is unable to crawl a website properly then the pages will not be indexed in search engines. So you’ll have to make your website error free with the help of SEO to improve traffic, visibility and popularity through your website.

Reduce Efforts in Testing

An HTML Validator helps to spot errors quickly for any corrections then you can correct them effortlessly. Your time to find out errors manually will be saved. The Validator helps to identify exactly where the errors stretch out within the HTML.

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