Google Reconsideration Request

What is Google’s Manual Penalty? How to Remove Google Manual Penalty? How to submit a reconsideration request to Google successfully? If you are having such questions in your mind, please mail us at
Many websites use black hat SEO to get higher ranking in search results with their target keywords. Google panelize them and restrict their ranking even with their domain name.There are 2 penalties by Google for the websites who are using illegal techniques in SEO.

1. Google’s Algorithmic Penalties: If a website gets algorithmic penalty then it will automatically be removed by Google after next update once they have fixed all the issues on the website.

2. Google’s Manual Penalties: If a website get manual penalty message at ‘Google webmaster tool’ then we need to submit a reconsideration request for sure.

Google now added a ‘Manual Spam actions’ tab in GWT in order to provide a big help to webmasters.

Google Reconsideration Request Service at W3Era

SEO specialists at W3Era understand how much important the process is and that is why we believe in perfect timing and appropriate process. If you have addressed any remaining issues with your website, and you believe, it now follows the Webmaster Guidelines, then you can request reconsideration for your website from the Manual Actions page.
Few things are important while writing the reconsideration request because “Only an effective, clear and honest request can work for your sites”.

1. We write an honest request: We write truthful message when raising a reconsideration request and it is essential because Google has already detected some malicious activities at your website and marked it as webspam.

2. We write a clear request: we write step by step activities, we take to remove unnatural links before raising the request. We provide a link of Google Docs spreadsheet where we mention the old wrong links and new proper links.

3. We write faithful message: we write a reconsideration request in such a way to make Google explain that we are following the SEO guidelines now and assure that we will not follow these illegal techniques in future.

4. We write apologies statement: we add apologies statement in a very polite way in reconsideration request for unethical things you did for the website.

Process of Google Reconsideration Request


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