Directory Submission Pricing Packages

Plan 100


Manual Directory Submission
Total Dir Submissions 100

1. 100 Total Dir Submissions
2. Manual Submissions
3. Submission Report
4. Submission Duration - 5 days

Plan 300


Manual Directory Submission
Total Dir Submissions 300

1. 300 Total Dir Submissions
2. Manual Submissions
3. Submission Report
4. Submission Duration - 10 days

Plan 500


Manual Directory Submission
Total Dir Submissions 500

1. 500 Total Dir Submissions
2. Manual Submissions
3. Submission Report
4. Fortnightly Reports
5. Submission Duration - 15 days

Plan 750


Manual Directory Submission
Total Dir Submissions 750

1. 750 Total Dir Submissions
2. Manual Submissions
3. Submission Report
4. Fortnightly Reports
5. Submission Duration - 20 days

No more page switching to see changes—everything is here in front of you! A new era of content creation has reached WordPress!

Manual Directory Submission is Search Engine Optimization Company. We provide directory submission service which is very effective in getting top ranking in popular search engine results. In Directory submission service we manually submit your websites in quality and seo friendly non reciprocal directories. This service is very helpful to improve targeted traffic to your website.Directory submission is very popular and demanding service by which targeted traffic turn towards your website by one way back linking at

Our main aim of providing this service is to increase more traffic to your website and provide a top most rank in popular search engine results so that you could achieve your business goal. We always use natural and ethical links with most relevant sites which are very popular due to which traffic to your website increases sharply. The links provided by our company is unique and categorized.


What is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is an excellent process to submit website in a web directory and build back links. The submission improves link popularity of the website and increase ranking in search engines. In the SEO, directory submission is the very basic and oldest method to get targeted traffic and that is why everyone thinks like “Should we still submit a website to Web directories?” the Answers is YES, because if we are doing it in a proper way and following appropriate guidelines and standards then it is still one of the powerful techniques. 

What W3Era does in Directory Submission?

At W3Era, we offer incomparable directory submission services and follow a process to discover a web directory and then after submission in it. Our main aim of providing this service is to follow latest submission standards and to pull more traffic to our client’s website. We provide quality back links in top most relevant and popular web directories and business directories so that our clients can achieve their business goals.

Our process includes 5 main steps:- 
•  Select a web directory or business directory.
•  Check it for latest SEO guidelines and friendliness
•  Analyze directory’s submission guidelines.
•  Submit correct website details.
•  Confirm Submission by Email

Key Features: What we emphasis in Directory Submission?

Submission Time – We should fix a submission time for every website rather than submitting a website in all the directories at once.In our directory submission service we provide submit website in intervals for best results.

SEO Responsiveness – We should always choose directory which is SEO responsive. At W3Era we analyze the directory first and make sure the appropriateness for submission each time.

Quality vs. Quantity Submission- We should always focus on quality instead of quantity. SEO professionals at W3Era understand the latest SEO needs and do the submission in only quality web and business directories.

Manual vs. Automated Submission – Directory submission should be a manual process. Automated submission never gives best results. We dealinto manual directory submission for our clients.

Benefits of Directory Submission Service at W3Era:-

• We provide one-way inbound links with high regard
• We submit SEO optimized anchor text in submission
• We can offer both paid and free quality directories
• Our analysis for latest guidelines gives you targeted traffic
• Confirm Submission by Email

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you take the time for directory submissions?

It all depends on your business needs and which package you have selected.

Where will you submit my websites into directories?

We will submit your website into similar categories. First, we will find appropriate high quality directories and will submit your website in relevant category with proper information.

How many directories should be submitted for my website?

There is no fixed number of submissions as such. We will submit your website according to plan which you have chosen.

Which technique do you use for submissions?

We will do manual submission as never believe in automated submission software for directory submissions service.

How would I get to know about that you are submitted or not?

Yeah sure! After submission process, we will send you all the details in a submission detailed report including email id, password, and URL of that website where we submitted.

How I know more about your new offers and services?

You can subscribe our newsletter to get more information and new release services. This will really very helpful for your business or websites.