2017 was a good year for SEO. “Content is King” dominated the market last year, but now as we are in 2018, we are wondering, will it be the same? Will content be the whole and sole of all SEO practices? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Without content, all other SEO practices are incomplete & so, you don’t have a choice but to accept its importance. There are valid reasons why many SEO experts say that “Content is the only marketing strategy left in SEO”.

Although this marketing tool will remain the same, the strategies, tactics as well as the distribution channels will differ greatly. It’s time to gear up with the changing trends and formulate some mind-blowing strategies for 2018.

These days, brand heads are playing the role of publishers because they know how vital it is to focus on content marketing. Earlier, it played a 25 percent role in SMO and SEO, but now, it has occupied a 100 percent share in the same.

This is the reason why brands are not hesitating to invest whole-heartedly in content campaigns. As we mentioned above, the strategies are ever-changing and ever-evolving. Let us see what will work the best in 2018.

1. Focus on quality and not on quantity!

What’s the use of too many contents if none of them is up-to-the mark or follows quality standards? If you are a marketer, half your time should be spent on deciding what kind of topic must be published, rather than how much should you publish. Let the quantity take a backseat! Try to be an exception rather than following already existing trends.

2. Engaging conversations!

Who will read bland and meaningless content? Even though you are pretty practical in choosing matured content, you will fail to garner that interest. Don’t just bombard your readers with lots of texts; ensure that you use relevant images in between so as to create engagement and also attract attention.

3. Facts, facts and facts!
There is no credibility to your content if you don’t add facts. No doubt, you need to make the content as humorous and as reader friendly as possible but at the same time, you cannot ignore stats and facts. Brainstorm and enhance the value of your content by loading it with some important data and facts. Experiment and verify data because you don’t want to give wrong information to anyone, right? Through your content, you need to show that you are an expert. Don’t just give information, make people learn new things.

4. Reach out to influencers

Why take all the efforts alone when you can take help of some influencers? Try contacting some internal experts or influencers and ask them to contribute. This will make things easier; they will offer a good direction to your content. Take a specific topic and ask influencers to share their views on the same.

5. Find a unique angle
Don’t let the blog be filled with regular and boring content. Find a unique angle which readers won’t find anywhere on the internet. Keep in mind one thing that you will not get anything easily. If you don’t set a unique trend, you will never be successful. What’s the use of giving the same thing that other content marketers are giving? Do you wish to be the first in the list or do you want to be the 9th person to do so?

Given below are some tips to formulate a strategy;

  • The first and most important thing is knowing the audience. Without knowing the audience, it is not at all possible to device a good strategy. So, it all starts there.
  • Second important thing is know the kind of content people are looking forward to. Content is like food; the better you serve, the more the people would love to have it.
  • Set aims about the reach. Use multiple platforms and set a goal with regards to the reach. If you don’t set proper goals, nothing can help you.
  • Don’t device strategies alone; talk to the sales team, the technical team as well as the brand marketers. All aspects must be taken into consideration.

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