Check Bulk Domain Authority

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Tool Summary: You can use Bulk domain Authority Checker to check Google Page Rank, MozRank (via SEOmoz) (through Open Site Explorer) just typing in the URL at once.
Tips To Use Bulk DA Checker: Please enter a maximum of 20 URLs at a time within the text area and click on submit form to obtain results. You can also run and check the domain authority for numerous sites and save the results in any format.
Do You Know What Domain Authority is ?
Domain authority is a metric, developed by SEOMoz, to determine possibilities or capability of a website / domain to rank in search engines. Domain authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale.
How to use our Bulk Domain Authority Checker?
Bulk DA checker checks your website’s authority for you and provide you with a score (0 to 100), the give number shows the possibility of being shown in the Search Engine at most suitable place in the SERP. The higher the number the more capability of getting the higher rank.
Bulk Domain Authority Checker tool is exceptionally helpful and easy, the main thing required is the site URL that you wish to assess and the tool will do the rest for you. After checking the Domain the tool will come back with domain authority score.