Are You Aware Of These 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes Without Spending a Dollar?

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Everyone is aware that Facebook is considered as the #1 social networking site to engage with your targeted business audience and generate traffic/user curiosity.

If your business profile is thriving on Facebook, you will start seeing an exponential rise in the traffic numbers on your website and other digital touch-points (mobile app and other off-page profiles also).

Now the big question is – Are there ways to increase the Facebook Likes and profile visibility without spending a dollar? Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible! If you follow these top 7 basic steps, your Facebook profile will start getting customer traction and digital footprints at the same time without spending a dollar for advertising.

# 1 – Add A Simple Facebook Widget On Your Site

  • To begin with, you can add a simple Facebook widget on your site. If you are getting traffic on your site, the user will definitely visit your Facebook page through your web-site.
  • It is very easy to add the widget. You can visit Facebook and take assistance from your web developer to get this done instantly.

# 2 – Build Your Profile Page

  • Now, if users are aware of your Facebook page, you need to use the social networking to connect with the other individuals, your industry influencers, and related businesses/competitors.

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  • You can send a personalized note/like viral posts of other competitors to get noticed.
  • While building your fan page, it is very important to fill all the sections of the Facebook profile like About section with rich and informative content/images/info-graphics as much as possible.
  • You must post your business mission or product info-graphic on the background cover page also.

# 3 – Send An Introductory E-mail

  • You have already got the attention of the targeted personal and business audience/competitors/influencers.
  • It’s time to start your Facebook E-mail Marketing Campaign. You can create a simple introductory e-mail and send it to your e-mail list asking them to share your post or like your page.
  • You can mention your existing viral posts in the e-mail to garner attraction and generate more likes.
  • In the e-mail, you must introduce yourself and mention the purpose of the e-mail.
  • If you have solid ‘names’ in your e-mail, you can first start by adding comments on their social media pages and then use them as a reference to appreciate that post again while sending the e-mail
  • You need to remember that if you achieve a Like from a top social influencer, it is considered as one of the best ways to increase Facebook Likes on your profile page and posts.

# 4 – Check Buzzsumo For Competitor Posts/Build Relationship With The Competitors

  • You have done a lot of hard-work and generated a good amount of Facebook Likes so far.
  • However, your competitors will outweigh you with more interesting posts. As outreach is one part and knowing the type of viral content which is hot at this time is another, you must regularly check Buzzsumo and use the SEO keywords to find the competitor posts.
  • You can take an extra step and share your competitor’s content and ask them to like/share your page. Why must you do that? Because global audience will love to get attached to a profile which respects the competitors.
  • It is considered as a ‘trust vote’ and can create a positive business persona among the Facebook and online users. It will result in more likes and you will start seeing a consistent traffic flow on your FB profile page too.

# 5 – Create Awesome Viral Content

  • Nothing can beat the traffic numbers and FB likes generated from an awesome viral content post!
  • You must pay specific attention to the content quality. It must engage the audience with a personal tone and connect with them instantly. You must write genuine content and post images.
  • Be honest and take notes if your competitors or fellow content marketers refuse to share your content because it is just not okay or plain bad!

# 6 – Timing Of Posting Submission On Facebook

  • You are writing e-mails, reaching fans, influencers, writing viral content, and also earning likes from your competitor. However, is your post submission timing correct?
  • You will be surprised to know that weekend postings receive more traction than weekly postings.
  • So, submit your FB posts on Saturday and Sunday!

# 7 – Outreach Process And Boost A Viral Post

  • You are doing everything right till now! You will start observing that the number of FB Likes have increased significantly.
  • You have already optimized your fan profile page, made connections with a targeted audience, used e-mail marketing, convinced your competitors to like/share your page and also created and posted timely viral content. So, is that all?
  • There is one last thing you must do. You must use the Pitchbox tool to find bloggers, publishers, and influencers.
  • You can use the software functionality to customize the messaging and follow up with your influencers easily.
  • It is very easy to refine the strategy and optimize the campaign for better efficiency.

Bonus Tip

  • You can also use the Boost feature to boost few viral posts on FB and then use the outreach platform to show your potential to the bloggers/influencers.
  • You can share a link by contributing your content on their blog.
  • Due to the humongous traffic visits on their authority blog pages, you will be guaranteed of very high number of Facebook Likes on your profile page.

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