Due to the pandemic, there is a boom going in the e-commerce sector. It is because of the traditional stores not being fully stocked, or closed people are depending more on buying things online. Also, as most of our audience is scared to go out e-commerce is the best option to maintain safety and get our daily needs fulfilled.

SEO for ecommerce

Also, nowadays, big conglomerates like Amazon, Myntra, Grofers, etc, are providing basic daily needs items with heavy discounts that are appearing more beneficial to people.

This is the time to gather your SEO & PPC to get better E-commerce results.

We have selected 10 SEO Tips, and 10 PPC Tips for delivering better E-commerce results.


10 PPC Tips for better E-commerce are:


1: A Negative Keyword list is your go-to:


Negative keywords tell the search engine to not show ads for certain terms. This helps in cutting out irrelevant searches for your product, only the interested customers will have access to your ad, thereby, getting organic traffic. As an additional benefit, if you have several PPC campaigns running it helps in avoiding cross-promotional matches.


2: Choose Single Keyword Ad Groups:

These Ad Groups contains a single keyword, even if Google recommends you to have 10-20. With a single keyword, it is beneficial as you only focus on a keyword in your URL, your content, landing page, and Meta tags. With one single keyword, you just need one term to trigger the ad and can make an ad dedicated to that keyword. Once we focus on a single keyword, our ads can be swayed into one direction and attract an organic audience.


3: Make sure your Product Pages are optimized:

It is important to know that optimization is a very good way to benefit from your website and pages, as it helps in creating an organic reach and gain organic leads too. A good product title and product description with keywords helps as people can find it easily. This can be beneficial for SEO also.


4: Choose the timing wisely:

It is a fact that putting your ad out at the right time can be beneficial. It can only be done if you know your audience well. When starting you can use a 24/7 schedule which might be costly but can tell you the active frame time for your ad. Once you are aware of the active times you can bid adjustments on what time the campaign should be set.


  1. Bid Wisely!

Our bids are our foundation, so making a fruitful strategy for bidding is important. The first step is to define your goals wisely, then you can choose your strategy. The common four goals and strategies used for them are:


Choose your strategy wisely, without that it would be hard to reach the right audience and fulfill your goals.


6: Choose Locations Accordingly:

With the Google AdWords system, ads are shown based on an individual’s IP address or GPS location. Choosing a location is a relatively easy task than choosing bid strategies, as it depends on your business. If you are a repairman, your services will be delivered to your city, but if you sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, you can target cities, states, or nations! Always toy with the location sphere if you can, this helps in seeing if you can get a new sphere in your market.


7: Choose your Platform for advertisement wisely:

It means choosing wisely where to show your Ads on, the most popular is Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Center. With growing sales in the pandemic, these platforms are being more used, by retailers. Google has also noticed Amazon’s running ads growth and recently tested running Amazon shopping ads on Google.


8: Optimize your Product Pages right now!:

You should never leave your page without optimization, not does it only helps PPC but helps your SEO. This means adding a good product title, keywords in the title tag so that people can search online about them. Add relevant keywords to your product description.


9: Achieve the Best Ad Position:

You can achieve this by optimizing your bids, a task you should work on continuously for your PPC campaigns. It requires a lot of time and attention to detail. A check on your analytics should be done daily. There are two prominent bid optimization approaches to consider, like Manual, and Algorithmic. Manual is the most basic method for managing bids, than Algorithmic which is more advanced and combines automation.


10: A/B Testing is a must!

It is a crucial aspect of your PPC campaign to do such tests, to check what is working and what is not.

A/B testing for PPC is easier than the usual testing methods. You should test the headline, body, link, keywords, in your ad copy. We have to test how on certain keywords, are working better in terms of, conversions, CTR, creating and raising awareness, etc. The more you test the more you have in your bank of keywords, every keyword serving a certain purpose.



10 SEO Tips for better E-commerce are:


1: Create new and better Content:

Nowadays, the availability of content is easy, but the availability of relevant content is not. So make sure that you create new content that is relevant to your audience. Don’t stop there! Just creating content won’t help, try making new pages that support their decisions through your content and pages.


2: Choose the right keywords:

The most important, and the foundation of SEO is choosing keywords, that are searched, and that takes your product to your audience. You should make sure that your pages are targeting those product keywords. Not only choosing them, but embedding them in your URL, landing pages, web pages, and content helps in directing the consumer in one direction, and makes Google believe your content is valuable and relevant.


3: Write for buyer intent:

Writing for buyer’s intent simply means writing to provide a solution to their problem. People do not use keywords according to what Google wants, they write according to their needs and problems, keywords that come straight to their mind. So instead of sounding formal and professional, write for them as of solving an issue.


4: Optimize your Product Photos:

Doing a proper SEO of your product images is important because people look out for images while buying a product. Paying attention to Meta tags, as well as the actual name of the file, and product description needs to describe a few carefully chosen keywords.


5: Keep an eye on Website Analytics:

SEO is considered the biggest element that drives businesses today. SEO helps in knowing the behavioral changes in audiences. If the customer spends more time searching a product means, they cannot find it soon enough, thus, the SEO needs to be optimized.


6: Improve the speed of your site:

As much as keywords are important, it is important to keep your technical SEO updated and working. This not only benefits SEO but also allows the audience to deal with a user-friendly website. A user won’t wait for your content to load, no matter how relevant, he’ll just jump to another site. Not just this, but a well-working site with better speed ranks better in Google search engine rankings.


7: Use Internal Links:


For better search engine rankings, internal linking is important between products and categories. Internal linking helps in better site navigation, thus helping find products easily and an improved shopping experience.


8: Take real-time insights from search:

Taking real-time insights helps you keep yourself updated on new trends. It is important to respond to them on time and keep another close look at what’s popular.


9: Keep your product descriptions SEO-Optimized:

Another way to improve rankings is by optimizing your product descriptions with keywords. Most of the product descriptions are copied, and not relevant, it is important to create quality product descriptions, everything the potential customer would want to know about a product.


10: Do look at your existing strategy:

The most important thing is to keep a note of is your existing strategy, see what is working for you, and what has to go. These can help in your understanding of what keywords to put out, for better working, without having to try and test new keywords again and again.


These SEO & PPC tips will help you derive better results from your e-commerce trade, and are something to carry for 2021 SEO and PPC tips.



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