12 Steps for Building Successful Social Media Strategy in 2017

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Social Media Platform – At Top of the Ladder!

I’ll bet you can’t challenge this statement.

Social media is analogous to a storybook. No one wants to scan the old and boring story over and over again. Each of the techno-savvy individual digs out for procuring the innovative and interesting stuff. Even, a social media addict scrolls over it multiple times to explore the new matter.

“Social Media is about the people. So, craft the strategy that will work for people.”

If you want your business ahead of the game, then you need to follow a persuasive plan that will magnetize the prospective customers involuntarily.

Enlisting here are 12 imperative measures to be incorporated in the social media methodology.

12 Productive Steps to Create an Effectual Social Media Strategy

1. Outline Target Audience

“Customers” are the first priority. So, launch your campaign with identifying the right set of audience. Collect the relevant details, such as- age, gender, location, education, and income so that you can plan a full-fledged strategy to thrive higher. Employ the Alexa and Google Adwords for an efficient research.

2. Identify Buyer’s Persona

You can utilize MakeMyPersona.com to create an effective persona. It will let you know more about the buyer. Through which social media platform, he is browsing, etc. can easily be found out through this step.

3. Search for the Influencers

The influencers can impact your business to a great extent. You can include BuzzSumo for searching the influencers. The influencers can act as a cherry on the top for the marketers. You can seek the help from the best digital marketing services company.

4. Sort Out the Mostly Used Social Media Platforms

It is good to trace the steps of the buyers. This will help you to know their interests and focus on those signals appropriately. You can use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs for your searching parameter.

5. Gauge the Competitor’s Chosen Social Platforms

To measure the magnitude of your status in the market, scrolling the competitor’s work is essential. You can include BuzzSumo and Ahrefs in your schema to size up the competitor’s step with respect to a social media platform.

6. Generate Content focused on Buyers’ Pain Points

The content plays the pivotal role in identifying the positive and negative aspects of the customer. Focus on the both, but emphasize on the pain points so that you can study them and eradicate them to please your buyers. So, create the content with the help of Quora and forums.

7. Develop Compelling Content in Bulk

Just remain in harmonization with the content series. Go for the blog posts, videos, pictures, infographics, and effective quick tips. Just make sure that the content will be unique and creative.

8. Participate, Enroll, and Build Relationship

Engage with your customers through the social media platforms so that you will remain in touch with them. Participate in various different platforms and allow you to know the customer’s interests, strong and weak points.

9. Uphold the Persistence in Creating and Publishing the Content

Be in sync with the content creation cycle of producing and publishing the content. Do not rest! Just keep moving! Maintain the consistency and post your content on diverse social media platforms to grab maximum attention.

10. Share the Content and Get More Social Followers

Invest your time in sharing the expert content on distinct social media units to get more genuine social followers. The more the social visitors, the more hike your business will get in the social media landscape.

11. Circulate Content using Social Media Tools, like Buffer and Hootsuite

It is good to share your content on various social media platforms. But, what will be the outcome- if you create your profile on one platform and acquire the leverage of sharing that same content to many through that one. Isn’t it great? It is a marvelous time-saver parameter. Use Buffer and HootSuite for this purpose.

12. Measure the Degree of Outcomes and Enhance the Strategy

Assess each result appropriately- to which extent your strategy will prove lucrative for you? Whether the magnitude is accurate or it requires more improvement? Or do you need to customize your social media strategy? Dive deeper and find out the satisfactory answers to these queries. And, then adopt a new step in favor of your outcomes.

Social media is the biggest hit in the current sphere. Don’t miss it! You can approach a trusted SEO company in USA for acquiring the greatest aftermaths. This can give you a lot in terms of profit and…. only profit.

Are you ready to bang on the social media floor with your smashing strategy?


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